February 5th, 2007


Lets drive to the DMV?

Hows it going Vanilla face?

I decided to do something really fun. I decided to try an experiment and make a story that stars black people, but not make it about them being black people (kinda like the way it is in the UK from what I understand.)
I'm going to call it...
The Balrog and Birdie SHOW!
I got the idea watching some channel 9 thing about broadway and minstral shows and stuff. Also I really like the balrog and birdie figures (both non-bootleg) that I got.
man... I have this horible obligation to get all of them now. I just need... sakura, fei-long, blanka, ken, vega & ... Sodom

Collapse )

But yeah... Don't need a million different versions of blanka or the retarded translucent ones. um... yeah.

So I'm excited about this idea. Maybe it can even be done. or maybe it will be like using a tidus figure and not making his blatently homosexual. hahahah. i kid... I kid...
I actually felt the bold character design decisions in FFX to be refreshing!
I should like make a one hour time slot to play street fighter III in my day.

Hey, how much can you sell an xbox? nick acquired one, and no one really wants it, so we were going to put it towards a wii, but I hear they only give you like $35 for them at fucking gamestop. I tried to look on ebay, but ebay is so fucking "helpful" now that I couldn't even get to an auction. it's like "you're looking for xbox!" and threw a bunch of crap at me. like a monkey. a lesbian monkey.
Maybe I can merge the Balrog and Birdie thing into the tale of people who find a cell phone of the reecently deceased. I think I talked about that.

oh. I should defrag my HD while I'm at work.
Guess I should start that now.
The end

A Lover Like You - The Avett Brothers