April 20th, 2007

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Man, for some reason I love Bluetooth. I love everything about it (except the low bandwidth.)
I really love the logo. I think it is pretty and colorful, and I think it's awesome that it's standardized all over.
So I bought some $200 Bluetooth over-ear headphones. I accidentally was in a situation where I had a really easy time justifying them.

I only have a $500 limit on buying a bag!
Mega Man Party!

At work.

So... I decided to download LJ at work.
Man, I'm bored. It's cold and I'm hella tired, and my boss is in japan, and I don't have anything super pressing to do, and I'm trying to make a table of stuff, but I don't have enought information, plus it's confusing and boring. so... I dont know.
I 'm like, I don't update my journal enough. no one knows what I'm doing in my life.
Well, i work all day mostly in isolation, and then kinda sit at home on the couch until like 8 when other people come home, and then spend 2 hours talking and then go to bed so I can get up at 6. I've seriously lost the ability to interact with other people. I don't understand how a-social I've become. it's like, I just don't say anything to people.
It's kinda annoying that Nathan dosen't read my livejournal. I wish he was interested in things that I am interested in. I want to learn some programming, but I just get so tired of computers. today at lunch I just slept in my car. Fridays suck. I guess.
I bought some $200 headphones. they are bluetooth and big, and like... I don't know if I really need them, but i have them, and maybe I will take them back. I dont know.
Sometimes I think about my life and my forfillment is so up and down. sometimes I am really happy, and so times I am just totally going "what is happening. what am I dooing?
I should like write something, or read a book. hrm...
wwell, that's my update for right now.
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