May 14th, 2007

Command Mission!

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good morning MEGA-FANS!
I'm still at my parent's house having spent the night here because i was tired last night and my laundry wasn't done.
I'm in the living room with Gigantor - Aka the TV that god built, and it's great. LIke, 46 inches, 9 inputs and a fucking great picture quality. only $2500 puts our crappy tv to shame! fucking shame!
We had a fun time getting the old one up the stairs. it must have weighed like over 200 pounds. (not the british kind.) hrm.
So, apparently the furry comunity is up in arms about this episode because "They fear that it represents the entire community as nothing more that a sexual subculture or fetish."
So the question is where do you draw the line between depecting something like this as people being weird and having to "represent" an entire "cultural group". Do the writters have a responsibility to "accurately" depict furries, or do they have a responsibility to make an entertaining program?