October 10th, 2007


News of the day

good morning!

So... Monday night I spent like 4 hours with the mandolin and my new theory book that I wont shut up about. and that was alot of fun! I feel like I really made some improvements that only come from an academic effort as opposed to just doodling around. You know, things like actually learning where the notes are on the fret board and where different versions of the chords are up and down the fretboard. I even did some crazy sightreading music.
It's rewarding to realize how much music theory I do know, and how quickly I am able to learn new stuff and understand it when I actually try. I guess it makes sense, I mean I learned to read music when I was 8, and i spent the next 12 years using that skill to some degree. It's funny how it's not until now that I made any sort of effort to improve my ability in this area. Sometimes I wonder what I have been doing with my life and my time, but that's really not a useful or relevant question.
So I wonder how easy it would be to quit my job and get some part time job. I think I could easily get some sort of decent paying part time computer related job. Do people not have more part time jobs because it's hard to find them, or because they don't feel like they need other things in their life other than work?
Well I really wanted to be in work by 7 today, and it's 7:01 already and I'm still smelly and sitting in bed. It's one of those things where Getting to work early is a high priority, but writing in LJ and reading non-internet things is an even higher priority because it's so infrequent that I can actually make myself do those things I feel like.
Watching parker play warcraft is fun. Fun because I get to see level 70 Raid parties fight bosses and not have to spend the hundreds of hours playing to get to that point.
So anyways, the thing I wanted to comment about is that the banjo is hard. just to play a scale you have to bounce around the strings all randomly. also since the relationship to the strings is 5,4,3,5 there is no easy pattern to know when a string starts playing on the next one up. I think that's why I've been playing mandolin so much, it's easier and it doesn't hurt my back due to the ridiculous weight. That was a lot more profound in my head. I did get a cool Banjo scale and arpeggio book.

The author is like "Do one key each month. and then when you really know it, go to the next one." so yeah... I can understand why now.
I also got a Bass guitar book, and discovered the tuning of the Bass is EADG whereas the mandolin is GDAE. Woah it's backwards. Maybe I should just play it left handed style. haha. yeah, that wouldn't work well.
I tried that the other day, flip the instrument over so my right hand was fretting and left was picking and I was just dead in the water. I made me realize how much I have actually learned and improved from day 1. which is nice. hrm... almost 7:20, I'm taking too long to write this. but... you know.
Man, I am smelly. Also my head hurts. I've been really trying to drink more water, and I think it's helping in general.
ok. Time for le Shower del tigre!
I am sad because I only wrote like 60% of what I wanted to.
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