December 3rd, 2007

Mega Man Party!

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good morning Russian Livejournal!
It's hard to imageine I was an early LJ user. I mean, I started useing it before user icons! I remember when they (really meaning a friend of a friend Brad fitzpatrick) add that feature.

So russian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So i had a rediculious COmputer fun fun day yesterday. I really didn't think it would take so many house to fix gabe's computer but I also really should have planned better and brought all my tools to my parents house.
actualy, i shouldn't have even tried to do it at my parent's house I should have just gone straight to my apartment. but oh well. live and learn.
Speaking of Learning, i really hope I get this new job at Apple. I really don't want to talk about it too much but I think it will really give me some chance to shine. for the first time in my life i will not have a boss hovering over me and I will be able to pace stuff out for longer than like a 2 week timeline. I just really need to make sure I can get the job. It will be such a nice validation of all my efforts. of course i still need to make more friends and have a social collabrative day, but i think this is a step up. Hopefully I will have sometime/justification to actually learn all that cocoa I want to learn. Man... Potentially could be pretty awesome.
Plus the pay increase will be very nice. I don't know what it is but I'm looking forward to increaseing my pay without increasing my cost of living. of course maybe I'll start paying for my own car insurance and phone bill... yeah my dad still pays it for me. He says it's cheaper because it's a family plan and alot of his phone bill gets reimbursed by his work. But yeah.
I just need to make sure I regulate my time well.
REally the first thing i want to do is decorate my cube. I honestly don't understand people who have worked in their cube for like 10 years and have... a box and a single photo of their family on the walls. It's like, you fucking live there more than your house? why not make it nice? SInce I'm not dealing with Hardware anymore I don't really have to have lots of storage space and can make it all nice. But i would like build
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