March 14th, 2008



hello how are you?
I worked about 14 hours yesterday, but all of it was at home. I'm glad i can get into stuff well enough to do that. Also glad to not hate my job.
I wonder if anyone reads this. I was thinking that part of why I don't write so much is A) life is boring. B) no one reads this C) I am at work all the time. D) the fact that my boring life from college seems fun and exciting now, and that's depressing. But most importantly E) I don't have a nice keyboard that I really like typing on. I remember in college when I would be able to just sit and type forever. maybe because I had more free time? maybe because I had a better keyboard. maybe both. Blah.
I had a really frustrating dream last night. not only did I keep waking up because I set my Alarm for ridiculously early times and then just press snooze for 2 hours, but... um... Actually that's probably the only reason I kept waking up. But it was frusterating and I dreamed about stuff from College when I used to have friends and things like that. Man... I need to put more effort into my life.
I think right now it's so easy to work 10-12 hour days eveyday because then I just let myself get sucked into it and that's easy and I know how to do that. I don't know how to make my life more interesting. Maybe I will invite bobby over and we can work on some movies. that would be fun.
I think I'm going to cut out early today. That would be great. Especially as I've already done 4 10+ hour days.
I don't get paid overtime.
I do need to do my expense report. I should do that before I leave.

Also I've gotten really fat. and sometimes I think I'm allergic to my housecoat.
It would be fun to just trip out on drugs.
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