May 14th, 2008



I'm supposed to be working. but I'm super bored right now. just don't want to do my stupid report.
So i'm wasting time on the internet i guess.
I should really just play mario kart or something.
I am still too lazy to write down my friend code.
oh, did you all hear I finally got a wii? I put some RSS wii trackers into my bookmarks bar, and eventually one of thoes little numbers was best buy and they had one for $250 with no shipping and no bundle shit. When it arrived I went out and bought Mario Kart and Smash brothers.
Smash Brothers is fun. I think I should get into the level editor - that should be neat. So far I've only unlocked Ness. I have to say, it was alot of fun seeing what characters they finally came out with when the game launched. Olimar? so random. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the stratgey of that game. I looked at some of the tricks like the backwards grab and stuff, and I don't really understand. I think I just never found the R/Z buttons very easy to press quickly. plus I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing for the more advance technique and everything is so fast that it's hard to practice.
Sometimes I put it on 1/2 speed and then the game gets way more fun to play. like, when I can actually think about every single move it's like a completely different experience. I say that more people should use the alternate settings more often. stupid internet and their 1 on 1 with no items. I just find it satisfying when someone who thinks they are really good loses because they're on ice climbers stage. haha take that jerk!
Mario Kart is fun also. I think the wheel is fun, although it is much harder to controll than the wiimote+nunchuck. I am really annoyed at the stupid item bullshit. I think I've played 2 player team mode 20 times in the past week and have only won a set of 4 tracks once. I am glad you can turn the items off, but the BULLSHIT of getting hit with a blue shell when you are in 3rd (because the 1st and 2nd place are on the other team so it dosen't target them.) and then getting hit by a pow block or lightnight exactly 2 seconds later when you are in view of the finish line and then having the rest of the other team pass you so you cross at 10th followed only by other CPUs on your team is bullshit.
The low accelleration vehicles are extra punished in this game. In theory they have a trade off of low accelleration and high top speed, so if you're good and don't crash into shit all the time you can get to high speed. but it this game it dosen't matter how good you are, because you just get hit with all the bullshit homing unblockable grief items and then take 5 seconds to get moving back at a decent speed. In fact, the low aceleration Karts get double punished because if you're good enough to not crash into things you're likely to be in top 3 places and then you especially get raped in the ass by the homing items.
Anyway, I do really like the differences in the Karts. I think my favorite is the Wario Cycle. I really like how the motorcycles handle and don't think i mind not getting the red sparks - the wheelie boost kinda makes up for it i think. It's a fun game, and I think doing a huge multiplayer game could be really fun.
I do think they should put back the 2 player grand prix. like, I haven't unlocked anything because I've only been playing it multiplayer.
I do like racing against random Ghosts. The ghost race is fun because there are no fucking blue shells to rape you when you're on the flame bike.
Blarp. Bleep.
So how's work? Work is good.
My boss took me out to lunch a few weeks ago and told me that he thought i was doing a good job. That was good because My internal review was saying that I was not doing a good job and I was worried that they were questioning why they hired me. but now I'm not worried. I actually want to do more work. I wish i didn't have to go into the office, I find it distracting sometimes. (Of course, I obviously don't want to do work enough to be working and doing my reports right now.)
I like my position because there is always things for me to work on, and much of it has a feeling of acomplishement - like i fix things and then they are better going forward in perpetuity. I really need to do some research about mac os x server. the fucking server I inherited is all crazy and disorganized. None of the users have any contact information, and the permissions are all over the place. it uses ACLs and I don't really understand how they are applied, and I think there's alot of funkyness when you mount a share running a 10.5 machine. I need to get ravi to look at it and try and help me reconcile what I think should be happening with what is actually happening. I also want to update it to 10.4.11 at least. I feel like it would be a few solid days of work to update everything. Also I want to put the newest version of FileMaker server on it.
actually I want to put 10.5 server on it as well. I wonder how I would do that.
oh hrm.... I should probably take that extra G4 powermac out of there and move it to my cube or something. then I can set it up with an updated version of everything and test it out. hrm.... Man... this will still take a solid week. maybe once the ARC guy gets here.
In other news, I'm super excited about this podcast Anyone who interacts with other people in a professional sense should start listening to it. if you sign up for the free account, then you can hear all of them all the way back to 2005. it's really good stuff!!!!!!!! I'm serious.
Ok well... I guess that's it for now.
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