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25 September 2001 @ 01:50 am
Dear Students,
I have added another Advising Session of Japan on Thursday, Sept 27, from 12:30 - 1:30 in the Cowell College Conference Room (Rm 132, just off of the Cowell main entrance).
Before the meeting, be sure to read the EAP brochure on Japan. Try to make this session, as the deadlines for some of the programs are quickly approaching. I will be briefly discussing the programs and going over the application process.
I need you to email me back and confirm your attendance at this meeting. If you know of other students who are interested in Japan, have them come to the EAP Office and sign up for one of the meetings.
See you this Thursday.
Debbie Belville
EAP Advisor
Office of International Education
University of California, Santa Cruz
205 Classroom Unit
phone: (831) 459-2858
fax: (831) 459-2382
Jesus Northbahia on September 25th, 2001 10:31 am (UTC)
i should do that... where is the EAP office again?
MegaManmegaman on September 25th, 2001 01:42 pm (UTC)
like right across the hall from the upper entrances to classroom unit 2. room 205, I believe