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I had sex with Lillian haney!?!?!?!?


Cheap Comfort (5:41:36 PM): how is the secret project coming along
Cheap Comfort (5:41:37 PM): ?
ZeroBatsu (5:41:44 PM): i got some more pictures
ZeroBatsu (5:41:49 PM): I just got home
ZeroBatsu (5:41:57 PM): we need pictures of specific people
Cheap Comfort (5:41:59 PM): pictures from where?
ZeroBatsu (5:42:00 PM): which i have listed
Cheap Comfort (5:42:01 PM): which people
Cheap Comfort (5:42:01 PM): ?
ZeroBatsu (5:42:13 PM): but then we'll just have to start putting it together
Cheap Comfort (5:42:46 PM): julia is good at design stuff
Cheap Comfort (5:42:54 PM): and she's not in wingspread
Cheap Comfort (5:43:00 PM): i think you should recruit her help
Cheap Comfort (5:43:15 PM): and she's takin a class on graphic design
Cheap Comfort (5:43:33 PM): but i have o shower now
Cheap Comfort (5:44:17 PM): do we have a format yet?
ZeroBatsu (5:44:32 PM): no
Cheap Comfort (5:44:47 PM): do we have any specifications that we're gonna follow?
ZeroBatsu (5:44:54 PM): I was thinking more like a photo alubum about the people
ZeroBatsu (5:44:57 PM): than about the shows
Cheap Comfort (5:45:07 PM): like a half page per person?
Cheap Comfort (5:45:15 PM): w/ bio and quotes etc?
Cheap Comfort (5:45:16 PM): or full page?
ZeroBatsu (5:45:42 PM): I think half page is better
Cheap Comfort (5:45:45 PM): yeah
Cheap Comfort (5:45:48 PM): cheaper
ZeroBatsu (5:45:51 PM): yeah
Cheap Comfort (5:45:58 PM): that leaves space for group pictures
ZeroBatsu (5:46:00 PM): the last year's book was 42 pages
Cheap Comfort (5:46:01 PM): and show info
ZeroBatsu (5:46:01 PM): yes
Cheap Comfort (5:46:11 PM): how many people are in wingspread this year?
ZeroBatsu (5:46:21 PM): a bunch
ZeroBatsu (5:46:23 PM): i don't know
ZeroBatsu (5:46:26 PM): have to take a nap
Cheap Comfort (5:46:36 PM): ok
Cheap Comfort (5:46:39 PM): i'm gonn ashower
Cheap Comfort signed off at 5:46:46 PM.
Cheap Comfort signed on at 1:43:51 AM.
Cheap Comfort (1:43:58 AM): chris!
Cheap Comfort (1:44:15 AM): can isend you my pagemaker file now?
ZeroBatsu (1:44:20 AM): yeah
Cheap Comfort (1:44:20 AM): wakeywakey!
Cheap Comfort wants to send file C:\Adrian2\Cheap Comfort\Cheapcomfort.p65..p65 (1:44:36 AM).
ZeroBatsu canceled request; the file will not be sent (1:44:37 AM).
ZeroBatsu (1:44:42 AM): eh?
Cheap Comfort (1:44:43 AM): you canceled
ZeroBatsu (1:44:46 AM): wait
ZeroBatsu (1:44:49 AM): chaging prefs
Cheap Comfort wants to send file C:\Adrian2\Cheap Comfort\Cheapcomfort.p65..p65 (1:44:49 AM).
Cheap Comfort (1:45:58 AM): have you been working on the yearbook thing?
Cheap Comfort (1:46:03 AM): katie says she has some pics for us
ZeroBatsu (1:46:12 AM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (1:46:14 AM): i have
ZeroBatsu (1:46:17 AM): sorta
Cheap Comfort (1:46:18 AM): ah.
ZeroBatsu (1:46:20 AM): I just got home
ZeroBatsu (1:46:25 AM): I had to do somthing
Cheap Comfort (1:46:26 AM): tnight would've been your night at lyon's
Cheap Comfort (1:46:33 AM): what did you have to do?
ZeroBatsu (1:46:39 AM): my night?
ZeroBatsu (1:46:49 AM): i had to do stuff
Cheap Comfort (1:46:49 AM): yeha
Cheap Comfort (1:46:57 AM): me and meg both got chicken quesadillas
ZeroBatsu (1:46:57 AM): what happened?
Cheap Comfort (1:47:01 AM): and had two left each
ZeroBatsu (1:47:01 AM): oh
ZeroBatsu (1:47:03 AM): that
Cheap Comfort (1:47:06 AM): i think they just got thrown out
Cheap Comfort (1:47:15 AM): so what did you have to do between midnite and now?
Cheap Comfort (1:47:23 AM): did it involve a girl?
ZeroBatsu (1:47:27 AM): i forget
ZeroBatsu (1:47:32 AM): i forget everything
Cheap Comfort (1:47:38 AM): you're not good at this
ZeroBatsu (1:47:43 AM): maybe
ZeroBatsu (1:47:45 AM): I forget
Cheap Comfort (1:47:50 AM): you oculd've just said nothing at all
Cheap Comfort (1:48:08 AM): but instead you have led yourself into denial
ZeroBatsu (1:48:10 AM): but that wouldnt' have been responsible
Cheap Comfort (1:48:33 AM): i bet you took an extra long time taking lillian home, eh?
Cheap Comfort (1:49:49 AM): you're a dork
ZeroBatsu (1:50:42 AM): did i mention that Andy works at CMT with me?
Cheap Comfort (1:53:32 AM): hayes or niven?
ZeroBatsu (1:53:41 AM): nivem
Cheap Comfort (1:53:55 AM): don't be a lame-o and tell me what you did!
ZeroBatsu (1:54:12 AM): i think i was knocked unconcious
Cheap Comfort (1:54:19 AM): otherwise i'll just talk to various people
Cheap Comfort (1:54:26 AM): with the assumptive tone of you doing something
ZeroBatsu (1:54:30 AM): and then i found myself near my house
ZeroBatsu (1:54:40 AM): it was very disorienteing
Cheap Comfort (1:54:49 AM): like 'hey lillian, i hear you and chris got it on...'
Cheap Comfort (1:55:00 AM): cept that's not what happened!! you did something!!
ZeroBatsu (1:55:09 AM): head hurts
Cheap Comfort (1:55:15 AM): and whatever it was had to do 3with a girl!
Cheap Comfort (1:55:24 AM): your head hurts cause you're talkin about your dick!!!
Cheap Comfort (1:55:28 AM): i have you alllll figured ou
Cheap Comfort (1:55:30 AM): t
ZeroBatsu (1:55:43 AM): hrm
ZeroBatsu (1:55:52 AM): NGP games fun
Cheap Comfort (1:57:21 AM): TELL ME
ZeroBatsu (1:58:51 AM): I don't think anything happened
ZeroBatsu (1:58:57 AM): it's just a blur
ZeroBatsu (1:59:01 AM): I remeber theatre
Cheap Comfort (1:59:02 AM): no it's not
Cheap Comfort (1:59:05 AM): you're not retarde
Cheap Comfort (1:59:07 AM): d
ZeroBatsu (1:59:11 AM): then being home
ZeroBatsu received d:\AIM\Cheapcomfort.p65..p65 (2:01:09 AM).
ZeroBatsu (2:03:58 AM): ok
ZeroBatsu (2:04:05 AM): I'm gonna go to bed
Cheap Comfort (2:04:46 AM): why are you being difficuly
Cheap Comfort (2:04:47 AM): t
ZeroBatsu (2:05:10 AM): i think we need to make a plan to get more people naked
ZeroBatsu (2:05:20 AM): other than just you
ZeroBatsu (2:05:21 AM): again
Cheap Comfort (2:05:26 AM): i can arrang that if you tell me!
Cheap Comfort (2:05:29 AM): tell me what happened@!!!
Cheap Comfort (2:05:38 AM): you didn't just teleport from the theatre to your house!
Cheap Comfort (2:05:42 AM): eww!
Cheap Comfort (2:05:48 AM): you fucked eleanor didn't you!
ZeroBatsu (2:05:55 AM): sadly no...
ZeroBatsu (2:06:05 AM): if I were Mike Z then... maybe...
Cheap Comfort (2:06:09 AM): mmm
Cheap Comfort (2:06:14 AM): then you got it on with lillian
Cheap Comfort (2:06:19 AM): that's the only other answer
ZeroBatsu (2:06:28 AM): not the only...
Cheap Comfort (2:06:33 AM): uhhhh
Cheap Comfort (2:06:38 AM): emikka?
Cheap Comfort (2:06:44 AM): Julia?!
ZeroBatsu (2:06:52 AM): Julia?
ZeroBatsu (2:06:55 AM): johari?
Cheap Comfort (2:06:59 AM): yea
ZeroBatsu (2:07:02 AM): no, she's too prude
Cheap Comfort (2:07:14 AM): wait...julia's too prude?
ZeroBatsu (2:07:18 AM): yes
Cheap Comfort (2:07:23 AM): ahahahah!
ZeroBatsu (2:07:45 AM): Joel saw a picture of Condar
ZeroBatsu (2:07:48 AM): conrad
ZeroBatsu (2:07:58 AM): and said "does he bat for the other team?"
ZeroBatsu (2:08:04 AM): like after a second
Cheap Comfort (2:08:10 AM): ahhaaha
Cheap Comfort (2:08:16 AM): hmm
Cheap Comfort (2:08:25 AM): so where di dyou go afterward?
Cheap Comfort (2:08:29 AM): to joels?
ZeroBatsu (2:08:33 AM): I forget
ZeroBatsu (2:08:45 AM): I think that I was knocked unconcious
ZeroBatsu (2:08:57 AM): but an alien ubduction
Cheap Comfort (2:09:40 AM): i think you went to some party
Cheap Comfort (2:09:46 AM): and joel was there
Cheap Comfort (2:09:52 AM): then you got it on with one of his friends
Cheap Comfort (2:09:53 AM): like sarah
ZeroBatsu (2:10:29 AM): I wouldn't do stuff with sarah
Cheap Comfort (2:11:07 AM): did oyu get it on with conrad?
ZeroBatsu (2:11:25 AM): i don't think so
Cheap Comfort (2:11:33 AM): tell me who1!!
ZeroBatsu (2:11:44 AM): forgot
Cheap Comfort (2:11:49 AM): you're being an ass
Cheap Comfort (2:11:51 AM): i hate you
ZeroBatsu (2:12:12 AM): maybe helen can tell you
Cheap Comfort (2:12:26 AM): unfortuately she can't
Cheap Comfort (2:12:30 AM): cause she was with me all night
ZeroBatsu (2:12:43 AM): that dosen't mean she dosent know about it...
Cheap Comfort (2:12:58 AM): why don't you just remember, and tell me?
ZeroBatsu (2:13:14 AM): because I hit my head
ZeroBatsu (2:13:16 AM): and forgot
Cheap Comfort (2:13:27 AM): go away now. you make me hate you
Cheap Comfort signed off at 2:13:31 AM.

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