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I'm at college

Hello. I am at college. it is really fun. I have four classes but first year student are only supposed to have three. My classes are:
Core (english. We're reading comic books on the holocaust)

Japanese Pop culture ( We learn about the history of Japan and it's pop culture, not just sit and watch anime.)

Psychobiology (it's basically rehashing stuff that I learned in AP bio and Psycology last year. but the Book is by the same author that wrote the Psych book used second semester at PALY. it's really well written and easy to read and entertaining.)

Intro Japanese (This class is almost 100% review for me. Lara is in my class. The teacher actually teaches stuff, and she explains things in english. It's a fast class. I'm thinking "wow, if I didn't already know what she was saying, this would be really confusing." I'm not offically signed up for this class yet, but I have turned in a petition to have it added, so that I would be taking 20 credits. They say that freshmen shouldn't take more than 19 credits. But I'm gonna take the class regardless of what they tell me! so ha!)

So thoes are my classes. Lots of people are talking to me on IM. I'm meeting alot of people here, and they are all quite nice. uh.... let me think...

Oh yeah! Congradulations to Helen for beginning to learn Html. It's very usefull. alright. Good Night

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