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ALL night fun

well, I still have 2 math assignments to go, and I dont think I'm gonna do them. I also dont think I'm gonna read that japanese essay. except I think I am, because I'm not going to go to sleep for like 2 hours, just to wake up and be all groggy. I think I'll just do the math problems that are going to be checked for certain. I wish i could work diligently during the day.

but I got my Japan University application pretty much taken care of. now, I need to get a passport, and do all the other crap. I think it's kinda lame that the only teachers that I can get for my recs are my japanese teachers, but I guess that's what happens when all your other classes are either lecture classes, or the teacher retired after teaching them. oh well. I think it'll be fine. at least my japanese teachers both like me.
I'm gonna be in LA this weekend. I dont know what I'll be doing, but if you want to call me I'm gonna bring my cell phone. of course, do one calls me, so i dont have to worry much. yar maytie. taking a little nap seems like a not bad idea right now. I think I'm gonna go to my math class today, just cause I feel bad not going to it, even though we're still learning stuff that Mr. Miller taught me in 9th grade (he was really cool!) woof woof! there was other stuff I was gonna put, but i guess I forgot. I feel so work oriented right now, it's crazy!

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