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11 October 2000 @ 01:45 pm
I still havent been able to contact jerome. I suspect he's too busy partying to check his e-mail.
I'm back in Palo Alto. I wasn't getting anything more acomplished at school. of course, all my pictures are on my computer at school. I tried to put them on a cd before I left, but my cd writter has ceased to function. so, I can't get at them right now. oh wait, I just thought of how I could....
butI should have done that before leaving, because it reqquires access to my computer. oh well.
woozel muzal
momokopeachchild on October 13th, 2000 04:24 pm (UTC)
i was reading though to see if you had written anything new since last i read and desided it was tiime fo rme to comment on your journal, the icon thinging is like the "is" only green and also the little weird guys on the cover to the hitchhiker's guild to the galaxy. did i already ask you if you read that? i ate a cheese burger and now i feel sick. well i'm bored and waiting for my sister to get here so that i can go home. blah blah blah. i'll talk to you later and stop infecting you with my bordom.