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yo! noid was hella fun!

but yeah. most of my frustration comes from having first played last blade 1, and been impressed that all the victory quotes were differentbased on who fought who, and then I spent $70 buying the stupid NGPC version from the UK only to find out that they took that feature out, and the game was stupid and unbalanced and boring cause it was stupid and boring.
then I bought the last blade 2 fro DC, cause i was convinced that it had to be better for somereason, and it's the stupidest thing, even more unbalanced than the NGP version. the only reason why i played it at all was cause the artwork is so great.

curse you $100 of last blade stupidness.
the Street fighter games however have entertained me for over 300 hours. why am i writting this. it's 3:30 in the morning. I always like playing SNK games because the art and character design is so neat, but the gameplay is frustrating and clunky. but now all i have little to worry about because all the Capcom and SNK colaborations have been awesome. especially Snk vs capcom on NGPC. that's probably the best fighting game ever, and it's silly that they didn't use most of the well excuted ideas in that in the arcade versions.

i bought a cup from my store. now I have a cup.

except i actually dont. it will arrive soon, howevr!

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