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18 October 2000 @ 02:51 pm
well well well. I'm back at school. It's wednesday (i think) and I'm done for the day. I dropped my psycho biology class because I missed one of the three tests, anc it was at 8:00 in the morning and I could not physically keept awake for all my skill possible. I would fall asleep as I was writing notes, so my notes didn't make any sense. so now I have thursday compleatly free. I want to do something productive with all that time. I think I'll start with Doing my other homework and stuff. oh well, I have a lot I could do. such as writting a story, or learning programming stuff. oh well. I'm gonna do something more than just socialize.
I just washed the one cup in our room. I think I need to borrow another from the dining room. Then we can have two.
right now I'm talking to my mom on the phone and we are both looking for street fighter wall scrolls. post more later.
Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: Dancing on Strings - Longtimers Suite
momokopeachchild on October 19th, 2000 02:49 am (UTC)

you never write and i wonder why not, i'm bored as always. and no i don't need a project, i don't deal in that way. but anyhow, it seems silly reading these things because i already know this about you. you use this as a place to tell all your friends at once what you have been up to, but never really talk about what you're thinking. why? because it's personal, because it's a waste of your time to spend it writing your thoughts, or because your thoughts don't bother you like they bother me. cause you understand your self and all that. sure i believe you
talk later