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20 October 2000 @ 01:31 am
A new friend  
Today Becca and I made a new friend. HIs name was Lolly pop. He was a good friend. That is untill we put him in the place to put dishes that are dirty. it was sad. he was made out of becca's extra tomatoe paste.

I had a dream last nig./....fasdf uh already wrote this. just look:

ZeroBatsu (1:26:32 AM): I had a dream that I went back to the 80s
Bugg33 (1:26:45 AM): and danced with grandmaster flash?
ZeroBatsu (1:26:49 AM): and I had a talking dexters labratory watch
ZeroBatsu (1:26:51 AM): that talked
Bugg33 (1:27:05 AM): wow
ZeroBatsu (1:27:09 AM): like even more than my pokemon watch
ZeroBatsu (1:28:31 AM): it was cool
Bugg33 (1:28:39 AM): very
ZeroBatsu (1:28:40 AM): and i was like "yeah, I'm from the future"

and that's the rest of the story.

Oh, I put up a "new" song on mp3.com. and made it look better. there should be a new picture.
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bugg33 on October 20th, 2000 11:08 am (UTC)
Shake your ass! Watch yourself!