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something iwas thinking about.

i wonder what people such as the reecently immigrated migrant farm workers feel about things like the terrorist attack. I mean, they're americans too, but would an afghani consider them the great satan? i wonder if general population thinks about or knows about america's downtrodden. i mean, hippies like to talk about how american people are grossly misinformed dogs of the vile media, living in their own isolated bubble, but does that mean that other countries arent also? i wonder if they care, or feel sympathy, or just what they think about that. i wonder if it changes anything. maybe they think that america's down trodden are similar to their own plight as a people crushed by the oppressive world overseerers that is the satanUS. but back to the initially posed question; do the reecent imigrants feel the same sort of nationalism that americans with longer residence feel? We see all sorts of white patriotic stereotypes in the news aserting their patriotism, but have we seen anything else? no one speaking russian, or vietnamese, or italian, or spanish, with subtitles. (of course, I've not watched the news in some time. that's why i'm posing this question. I could be completly wrong about the lack of diversity in the media coverage (although if the olympic coverage is any indication, i dont think i am.) )
I know what the bible belt thinks (mostly because they have nothing better to do than tell other people what they think about everything] and i know what the instilled-patriotism-rejecting anarchists think, but i really have no idea what the various populations of people who do not have K-12 brand patriotism grafted into them since childhood (not that that's a bad thing) think. the people who have had to develop their own sense of american pride based on their life experiences. i wonder if I've made the question clear enough. i like it. and because this is my journal that is what's important.

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