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i wish i had come up with the idea for this essay a week ago, instead of the retarded ass-one i came up with a week ago, cause I magically have all my ideas 2 days before it's due, but now I dont have time to leisurly edit it.

I did turn in my completed japan EAP application today. I put doshisha in kyoto as my first choice, and International christian university as my second, and sophia as my third.
Doshisha is nice, and has an ass load of both education and japanese classes, however most of the classes are in japanese, and i dont know if my japanese will be a college level by next year (althouhgh i will also be getting much more than 5 hours a week practice when I'm actually liveing in japan) however I think I'm gonna wind up at the ICU, because it has more english classes, and it's more set up specifically for exchange students. plus, it also has all the classes that I would need to take to continue working towards my major and minor. I hope i get to go. From what I hear, I'm practically a shoe-in. that makes me happy.

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