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21 October 2000 @ 07:22 pm
Internet phone  
I got this Dialpad.com thing to work. It's just another distraction, but it's nice. nice desu.
I had alot I wanted to write about in this silly thing, but I'm suddenly finding myself not wanting to write.
I had fun today. I had brunch with My japanese teacher and some of my classmates. It was nice, she had a really cute gradson he was 4. that was exciting. she actually speaks english like a real person, instead of like kamikihara sensei. I need to find some friends here that are just like the ones I have at home. All the people here are lazy and not studious, and not nerdy either. All they want to do is party. no one wants to just stay inside and read comic books. plus, I'm getting tired of only socializing with girls. They are all so girly. I miss doing guy stuff. sometimes I hand with joel and dave, but they just smoke pot all the time. and I can beat them at all the video games we have access to. Silly pot heads. Most of these people do nothing but smoke. This girl I met in Japanese named sara is nice. she is normal, and she has the same retarded kind of personality I have. so it's nice hanging out with her. but she is on the other damn side of the school.
I like the A teens.

I'm trying to buy more wall scrolls for my room, but the only good ones are Dragon Ball z posters. I want a street fighter poster, but all the SF II posters are ugly, or just have Chun li on them, and I don't even like them. And then The darkstalkers posters are ugly and boring. I found a neat castlevania one, but I don't really like the art style. I want to get a phatty Megaman Wall scroll with all the characters ever, nintendo, Super nintendo, Gameboy, PSX and even n64 (stupid legends games, although tron bonne, is sick!)
I guess I have to be in the right class to find them. I miss my friends.
Current Mood: lonelylonely
Current Music: ABBA Teens - Dancing Queen
Siner Dsirnerd on October 22nd, 2000 01:44 am (UTC)

Tron bonne is mad sik yo. ding dong yo, ding dong. ding dong, ding dong yo.