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Hello. What day is it, sunday? monday?... i guess techincally it's tuesday as I write this...
Well, as many of you eventually figured out, the american holiday of Thanksgiving was... sometime reecently. so, like any other ciliv party of people we decided to Celebrate it.
Well, to put things shortly (god, i sound like Seperoph today...) I had a dinamic and didactic time! I have alot to be thankfull for. I got to play Metal Gear Solid 2 as well as Super monkey Ball and Tonky Hawk 3 on Bass's newly aquired Gamecube. It was lots of fun! I'm really starting to like Tony Hawk games. I never really played them before, moslty because no one adaquetly explained to me exactly what i was supposed to be doing, but now that I have had such explination, I'm starting to enjoy it. Especially the create-a-skater! I made a 4 foot tall midget girl with green hair, an eyepatch, and casts on both arms. That made endlessly falling on my head and ruining 20,000 point tricks enjoyable. the best part was when I bailed and got stuck in like a shelf or something in the women's bathroom in the airport.
Super monkey Ball was special. It's entertaining, but there is less depth to the multiplayer games than met's character. but it was fun. kinda like smash brothers, but with less depth. and more stupid. and more monkeys.
Then there was Metal Gear Solid 2. You've proabbly heard about it, so, i dont need to tell about the coolness. but, I think one of the things that makes the game so great is that it dosent take itself too seriously. for example, there is a huge plot of political intrigue and stuff, and people are dying all around, and yet the main character manages to get into a conversation about pre-ripped jeans, and daylight savings time, to name a few examples from the beginning of the game. and of course, there is the infamous cardboard box. I would like to say that it plays a much bigger part in this game than the previous, but i cant, because I didn't actaully play much of the first game. in fact, i personally only played up to Revolver Ocolot, then I kindly let Seperoph and Piccolo play through the rest of the game. but, i watched most of it. well, actaully I only watched the beginning and the ending. like from where you have to freeze the key and stuff. and i fell asleep during the ending car chase thingy. but, i saw the punching fight with liquid. Thoes are strange names... solid and liquid.

Finally I Finally got a copy of Capcom vs Snk 2. It makes me much happier than the first one did. the first one was stupid and lame. any game that blatently omits Dan makes me sad. so, The character choices for the second one were alot better. It's nice to see them actaully pulling from capcom and SNK games other than Street Fighter Alpha3 and King of Fighters. I honestly didn't expect to see anyone from Rival Schools or final fight (specially Final Fight 2, cause Rolento is from Final Fight, so that's more expected) although i was suprised that BB hood or any of the other darkstalkers weren't included. (I was also disapointed to see Morrigan's graphics are still exactly the same as in darkstalkers3, which were basically pulled straight from Darkstalkers1; but at least you dont have to do stupid stuff to get to play as her.) uh... The SNK side is much better represented as well. Athena and Haomaru really should have been in the game from the first incarnation, especially since they were in the handheld version (which i should mention more about later) but the inclusion of Hibiki from Last Blade 2 really made me happy. as you probably know, I really like Swords. REALLY, REALLY like swords! so, being about to play as very nicely animated Haomaru, Nakoruru and Hibiki really makes me happy. It also redeemes all the money I wasted on thoes god-forsakenly awfull Last blade games. ok, so I fricking spend $70 importing the stupid english version of Last blade on NeoGeo Pocket Color from Brittan via Ebay, and it totally sucks. then for some reason, I convince myself that the dreamcast version will magically be a whole ton better, and not have any of the lack of depth/unbalanced characters and moves/SNK boss stupidness that the handheld had. (of course in truth, the handheld version had a really pathetic last boss.) but it really sucked. and didn't make any sense. and was a stupid waste of money. But the characters were really cool in concept, and the game should have really been better. so being able to play as hibiki and not feel the retardedness overwhelm me as I played really made me happy. and swords. Swords Rock.

so, you're probably thinking that I just played Video games all weekend. well, I did, but I also went adventuring. It was really invigorating, mostly cause I got shot at, which is something that I havent done in a long time. of course, My retaliation was swift and precice. It's really been along time since I've been out in a big party exploring and buying donuts and stuff. (Vash took us to a really good Donut place. I think it was called happy donuts.) Pretty much everyone one I know got together and had fun. I think everyone enjoyed it, and got to hang out with people that dont normally hang out together, Even Lilith and Dimitry hung out with us. I think Lilith had alot of fun hanging out with Vash adn Wolfwood. Krillin and Remy really hit it off as well, which suprised me. And eveyone had fun playing Metal Gear Solid 2 until 4 in the morning. That game is great, because it really dosent matter who's holding the controller, eveyone watching (and screaming "advice" at whoever is holding the controller)can enjoy the game. yeah... I have alot to be thankfull for. now, if only I could figure out where I left my car...

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