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do you know what that is? it's Street fighter alpha 3, on game boy advance...
and it has 3 extra brand new street fighter characters! (maki is shown here. you know, maki, from final fight 2, she was recently in capcom vs snk2)
and here's Eagle. I dont know where he's from actually. the one hole in my Capcom knowledge. oh wait. he's from Street Fighter 1. wow, so now practaically all of street fighter 1 has gone to SF alpha. and Final Fight has prett much all moved to the Street fighter land. except Haggar, but he was in that Capcom arcade 4 on 4 wrestling game. but he should have been in SF3, acause then he could fight hugo.
sf1 => alpha:
Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Adon, Birdie, Gen, Eagle
Final Fight=> Guy, Sodom, Rolento, Cody, Hugo (and poison), Maki.
and Chun li was also in Final Fight 2. after you beat it on hard mode. and that was hard to do.
so now, the game with the most Street fighters in one game, can only be played on the gameboy advance. crazy...

oh, and the third character added is Yun. so i guess this is like an SNK vs Capcom 2 pre-reunion. I was hoping they would put kyoske into SFA3, i mean, sakura is in Rival schools (which made alot of sense) but they took her out of the 2nd one. it would have been cool if they kept her in, cause then she could have made street fighter refrences in the cut scense.

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