MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

mahtsr of mines

ok! i just beat minesweeper on the second to hardest difficulty! I'm gtting so good at this game! I like like whip through a normal difficulty game like super fast. I hope i'm in the right place for my section. it starts in like an hour. i think that i should study my japanese now. I'm in the engerining department. I really like being here. all the computers make me happy. People admire my cool palm device compatable keyboard. it makes me happy. I went to Education section today. all the people in it are not sparking my interest. I dont know, maybe My standards for physical beauty are too high now. or something. I dont know. maybe it's just that all the sections where i actaully get to talk to people are full of people who are not as attractive as I'd like, or not had a good enough personality, which would of course over ride the attractivness factor, or else all the emphasis on physical stuff that Adrian and I put on everything is not going away. no package from capcom, but i've been busy. like, I've been doing stuff for 12 hours. I dont think I'll do SMH tonight. but, Hopefully I wil get lots of studying done in my room over the weekend, unless I have another suprise visitor, and the weekend turns into another music/talking/general noise and distraction festable, and i fail my next japanese test like i did this week from not studying enough. but, my other classes are good. it's just that I HAVE to do well in japanese because it caries over to both japanese 6 (all my future ability to speak japanese) as well as my ability to go to japan next year, which at this point basically hinges on me getting a B average in the class, which so far isnt happening at all. shit shit shit. so, hoepfully god will not stricken me with a roomfull of people and noise this weekend, and i can just do hard core catchup studying and such. aye maytie.

oh, this was supposed to be a full update, not a partial one. oh well. I can always add mood and stuff later. yar maytie!

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