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Megaman Neo Robot masters

Megaman Neo is the best!
Today I went to Fluent-Japanese-speaker Man's stage, and after figuring out that you need to use wordprocessor man's power on him, i beat his ass and got his power. now I have Keyboard man's power, Wordprocessor man's power, Livejournal man's powers and Fluent-Japanese-speaker man's power. Next I'm gonna go to flash-memory-module man's stage and punk his ass with Fluent-Japanese-Speaker Man's powers. Fluent-Japanese-Speaker Man's powers are really usefull because the normal mode lets you look up japanese words (both Kana and kanji) as well as look up kanji by their radical, stroke order, and yomikatta. the normal powered up version lets you add any words to a set of either dictonary flashcards (of whole words; meaning both kana and multiple kanji words) or a kanji dictonary (meaning just one kanji per flashcard, but you're tested on all the readings). The best part is that if you combine Wordprocessor man's power with Fluent-Japanese-Speaker Man's power (yes, you can combine the powers of the robot masters in Megaman Neo!!!) you can sync japanese text docs, and then read them at your leisure, as well as select parts and look it up in both the very comprehensive dictonary. (I think there's like at least 1000 kanji in it.)
so that's my day. I probably wont have time to fight flash-memory-module man until this weekend, but I have a good feeling that you're supposed to use Fluent-Japanese-Speaker Man's powers on him. (at least that's what it said when i got Fluent-Japanese-Speaker Man's powers.

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