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Manga has always been an escape from daily life in both shonen and shojo forms. The manga's escape comes from the imagination. By custom, shonen manga uses the imaginative edge to expand its stories and characters outward from reality making them bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter. Shonen manga also emphasises the physical aspect of the characters making them fight and stuff. In shonen manga, the opposition is more often in the form of some sort of evil beign or an evil empire. Evil takes on obvious and tangible forms. The evil in shonen manga is often concured by brute strength, and by overpowering it, despite how kind-hearted the protagonist is, in the end he still wins by overpowering the enemy.
Shojo manga on the other hand, uses the imagination powers to "shrink" its characters. Characters sexual attributes are diminished, physical powers are diminished (look at how athletic Sailor Moon is compared to a shonen manga hero,) and the characters sham and stuff. The imaginon makes things smaller, and instead of being a super powered special guy, they are escapist because they are almost pathetic at times. Shojo manga is harder to lable in this maner. The opposition in shojo manga is different as well as the solutions. Shoji manga heros do fight against villionous monsters, and evil empires, but the antagonists are not limited to physical opponents. Heros of Shojo manga find them selves up against an opponent such as divorce or getting a new boyfriend as often as they are forced to combat the minions of the Ice Queen.
Abating problems in shoji manga is different from shonen manga as well. A common solution for shojo manga heroins is to solve problems non-violently. How often are you going to see Ryu from Street Fighter settel his conflicts by discussing their problems [elaborate]. Shojo manga heroes don't have the options that Shonen manga heros do to solve the problems. Like they have to talk and stuff instead of shooting a fireball at it. Shonen manga they beat the opponent using forces from the inside.

i wote rthis and just foind it again,

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