MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

yo yo! i'm at the oddsey of the mind thingy.

hello! I'm in the thing that i went to all day on saturday. man. I like video games. blah blah blha! so. i dont know, what i'm gonna say about tings. but i'm occupying my fun on the thing. I'm going to type alot, but i dont know what. blah blah blah. so, i had a fun night last night. it's nice to have the room to myself. I tried to make more stuff for the store, and ended up finding iori porn. that was strange. but yeah. I dont rememebr. it was nice and relaxing, but it was somewhat relaxing. yeah. travis momoko. but that one comic i found had a really neat art style. I want to be able to do neat stuff like that.

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