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hello. i am in the library.

yes. i am in the librry. I am typing. I don thinkt i'm gonna type much. i want to start using my rechargable AAA batteries. I want to get to talk to crystal more, becasue she's really cool. She didnt have time to make the rilo kiley cd fro me. I think that cd burneres and the internet are great. i mean, theres so much stuff people can do now a days. it's amazing! yeah. I managed to not do anything productive yesterday (which ins't suprising, becasue i had been awake for 24 hourse (5AM saturday to 5AM sunday) before i finally went to bed. i woke up at 3 in the afternoon because someone was playing really bad, really loud synthasizer. like, bad like how i played 2 years ago. and it was sooooo loud! I need to see someone about choji moji playing at porter. I also need to make the choji moji website. plus, I need to get eudora to send Html e-mails. like, it works on some e-mail programs, and they can get them, but not all of them. I made the everydays a saturdaymousepad, and it's good casue it's the only mousepad that actually covers the whole pad. I'm kinda courious how all this stuff looks, if it looks like anything at all. i mean, I was impressed with the $15 mug, so the other things should be decent too. the mug is nice, because I use them alot (in my house at least,) and when I'm older and have a place of my own, i can [note: i can see an asian guy with bright pink hair lumbering up to the front of the library. yes, he's lumbering. he looks like he really dosent want to be here, or he just walked from oaks or something.] now i see that girl who used to live next to me, but still works at the mail room. yar maytie. Ethan works at the mail room. I think it would be fun to work in the mail rom. except it probably would suck. I wonder if they have an ethernet port there.

i was talking to some people about race, and ethnicity and culture last night. It was a good talk. we talked about how people without obvious ethnicity confuse other people, and the other people take what ever sign, no matter how small and use it to determin their ethnicity. for example, i told someone that my mom tries to talk to me in Spanish, and they say, "oh, are you hispanic?" or, "are you mexican?" (both of which are perfectly legitimate questions, because mexicans are often white europeans decendents). but other people hearing that I can speak japanese and am going to japan say, "oh, you're japanese?" I still think it's funny that I've had full japanese who grew up in japan ask me if I was part japanese. I still think it's funny that Adrian grew up thinking I was half korean because My older sister is half Korean. I guess he figured that my our parents split up, the mom got jennifer, and my dad got me. then he remarried my current mom. it wasnt until like senior year that he said that, and I was like,"no. I'm not korean, and I live with my actual mom." I guess it's the way everyone thought parker's mom was dead or a lesbian or something, but no one brought it up. (which is especially silly on my part, becasue I remember when he would have to go to his mom's house like every 2 weekends.) yeah. I'm hungry. I was supposed to go eat at cowell, but I was so preoccupied talking to a girl that I just wandered over to the library afterwards. booo her work! otherwise maybe i could have gotten food with the fine filly.
I should ask Ravi about how to change what the status bar says the link leads in html land. yeah. he could probably find out, cause i know it's possible. you have to use javascript or something.
the cursor is oging slowly. yeah. i like muffins. actually i want butter and toast. man, i rememebr last quarter where i wouldnt eat for days. then i would get sooo hungry that i would dream about food. that was kinda neat. wel, I have a meeting at 5 today. i wonder when Lauren's going to find out that she gets to direct highway robbery... I found out last night, but I didn't feel like telling her until the strange monkey psychosis she was experienceing had subsidied. The outhouse in los gatos is lame. hahah. i laugh at its ass.
I learned how to play some cords on the guitar! now i can become a rock star. wow, guitar's pretty easy, realitive to the piano or soemthing. cause you just have to make cords, and then you can dick around with thoes. yeah... so:
*do reading logs
*write japanese essays
*read chapter 15 and 16, and study them
*study kanji
*fix dictonaries, which i managed to break.
*make today's Cloud's Mystery Hour.
* get excited about the finals i have this weekend. maybe make some cds to prepare for it.
* Talk to Nate about how to send html e-mails from eudora that work on all e-mail clients. maybe i need a new thingy.
*make the choji moji site.
*talk to nate about putting non-CMH stuff on the server space.
*think about ravi's exciting birthday... hrm idea...
*make urbanpirates logo
* make choji moji site. make choji moji logo.
*make cmh promo flyers to put around campus
* make print compatable cmh, because it is requested.
*make more stuff
* go outside.
* go to the beach.
*oh yeah... type up the major proposal, and actaully get working on it, so i dont completely screw myself over more than i have. i think that if worse comes to worse, i can just declare some random major. damn you psychology! buh, even thinking about that stats class makes me shiver. I'm perfectly content with education, and that's good!

oh yeah, i just remmebred. that song that becca sang on her guitar was really cool, and i've had it stuck in my head. I wasnt her to teach it to me, so i can be cool! and a rock star!
I also want to make a set of icon for the lj mood. plus, I got some more online presence for my comic. ofthat i am happy. I wish i could make the story better. like, either more irreverence and randomness and less story; or more story and character, and stuff that people actually care about, and less lame video game humour!

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