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wow i have 4 wingspread yearbooks left. that's strange. and I'm really happy that my amazing CD idea worked so well for so many people. I mean, yeah. And you'll find thoes pictures amazing after years to come. hrm. I found some correspondence from my older half sister to us from 1993 (her containing an article she had written, where she talks about the plans for a new bookstore to "acomidate when enrollment supasses 15,000" It's strange to see how things looked then, and to see them now, and know that it was 8 years in between. She also talks about trying to find a typewritter, and how she had the novel idea of typing up forms on the computer (an extra mac classic we lent her). yeah. parker called and i forgot what i was writting. I'm all introspective. Cleaning does that. I'm excited about my acomplishments, and I'm looking forward to my future. It's still strange to see all the PACT kids who graduate this year. kinda sad. I hope to see everyone this summer, cause I really miss people. and now I hear that Emika and Raizin are hooked up, it's amazing. yeah, people move on, don't I know that. but it's fun to think about. Did i mention that Zlotnik came over this morning? I think that's partly what triggered it. that and finding all the old stuff that is left in here.
oh yeah, i also found a letter from my dad's ex-wife (Jennifer, my older sister's mom) to my dad were she sent him an essay she had written. It's strange to think about all the things that piece together to compose my dad's life. and It's even stranger to think that I dont really know about any of it. It's fun and mysteryious, and brings my life one step closer to that of an Anime character, but at the same time It would be nice to know. I mean, you guys complain about not knowing me, but aside from the time where I am actually physically interacting with my dad, I know nothing about him. it's crazy. Maybe one day I'll write an autobiography. yeah. that's the ticket. blah. people are here. I need to clean. but i'm feeling fulfiled and content.

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