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cant sleep

hello. mny name is chris. i cant sleep. at all. which is strange. i mean, i went to bed at 11:30 but i woke up an houe ago, and i've been awake the whole time, which is an hour. and it sucks. blah. and of course, when you'rea awake you think about things, but i dont want to think about anything right now, especially the kins od stuff that you think of when you cant sleep. i'm suprised that i ca tupe so well, caseu the home key dots are mac style, and i'm used to the pc sty;e` ydH. zo i dont know. i think i woke nick up with my typing. all i can hear is a low humming like a sub woofer with nothig but interewearance coming through it. my head hurts. In therory i should read, but that would keep up nick more than my noizdy fypsinv. ywH.. tell me do you know of the seven d seventy. i want to be high in the sky like a srisbee. um. actually i want to eitehr be asleep, or playing banjo, or reading, and not sittig in my bed thinking about wheon i would talk to michhael ho in 8th grade about privateer and les miserables. i dont know. i kinda miss people from high scvhool, but i also dont. like, it would be nice to see them, but
i just realized that instead of this i should type out e-mails that i need to send to my teachers. yeah. so, no more stories about mike ho. for you at leaast. maybe I'll go dirnk more water in the hall in my underware.

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