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02 April 2002 @ 11:56 am
how to beat shin akuma  
the trick is to use Chang and Zangief. (but mostly chang and his standing hard punch.) the trick to Shin Akuma is basically: Dont jump. dont move towards him. block (preferably parry) his fireballs, then when he walks toward you, hit him with a fast, long reaching hard punch or kick. (like balrog's standing hard punch, or chang's standing hard punch.) but dont move forward. eventually he will teleport. move toward his teleport so that he shoots past you, and keep some distance between you, and then when he comes out of it, he wont be able to throw/dragonpunch you. so do your long reaching punch/kick again. until he's dead. it's esaier to do with characters that do more damage, such as Chang then say, Cammy.
As you've probably figured out, this makes beating him with just Dan even harder, because dan's hard kick has no range.
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