MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

For the first time in recorded memory Pajitnov's creation has a full-out Story mode. Not exactly on the same level as other well-conceived game plots like Space Invaders or Pong, the true genesis of our beloved Tetrions has finally been revealed. Apparently the only remaining evidence of an ancient space-faring race of "block-people", the Tetrions are gateways to solar systems thousands of light years away. Of course, no one in the universe can use those gates unless they figure out the secret that's been hidden in the mystical bricks. But as anyone in their right mind knows, sentient beings have better things to do than stare at a bunch of colorful angular rocks all day (even Greedo).

Nonetheless a robot race known only as the Minos has at last figured out their secret, and in a plot twist so breathtaking it belongs in a Michael Bay film, need the best Tetris players in the world to help them use the blocks for terraforming distant worlds.

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