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Hello. I'm gonan go to berkley this saturday. it's also the anime con. I dont think i'm gonna go mostly because I need to save my money fro japan, where I can really buy alot of anime shit and stuff. I also neeed to update my comic. and stuff. blah! but school is fun. I get to go on a field trip with the 2nd graders thursday. I was kinda suprised that they invited me, but I think that she can use the chaperone suppport now that I think about it. i need to bring a lunch, so maybe I can get someone to make me a lunch, or I can do my dining hall special breakfast which is a bag of like eggs and syrup and a fork or something. it's ghetto. blarg! um, I yeah I need to do japaanese, and then do hella readingl adn then meet with my lit teacher at 2:#0 and turn in three pages of writting about myself.aww... nick rejected my photoshop tips because he wass talking to his girlfriend.blah ablsah

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