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06 November 2000 @ 12:56 am
Things that I need to do that I will be reminded of next time I look at Live journal when I should be doing work!  
To do: キ Turn in add by petition slip キ Research classes for next quarter キ Japanes キ Metal stuff キ Saber キ Psycology キ Computer class キ Something practical キ Research majors, and their requirements キ Homework キ Reading for classes キ Laundry キ Less socializing キ Less internet CUT THAT ADDICITON! キ Call helen キ Look for an internet job キ Write story キ DO CORE THINGY! キ Think of more stuff to do. キ Less internet.
Current Mood: workingworking
Current Music: Childrens toy going through my head.
bugg33 on November 6th, 2000 02:41 am (UTC)

Don't Work! Time to sleep! Manyana(tommorow)! Manyana(tommorow)!
Siner Dsirnerd on November 6th, 2000 02:56 am (UTC)
argh, that retarded little japanese girl song is stuck in my head too now! Evilness, i think it's that girl who sings all those funky songs... argh she's all annoying.

in response to elliot's response, i used to have an alarm clock with 2 cactuses and it'd say "wake up, don't sleep your life away! MOooo!" but my cousin broke it cause she's an oaf. And my brother had one that had two mexican cactuses that said mexican stuff followed by "manyana! manyana!" cousin broke that one too.
bugg33 on November 6th, 2000 11:41 am (UTC)
Re: Corky
Yep i had those two too, stopped using them when they got annoying.