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i wish i could rezedit my pc programs like i could on teh mac. I forgot how much that was nice. installing things on the kid's computers this morning was annoying and stupid, and I had to set the year on the clock to 95 so that it would let me install the thing. that was ghetto in the true sense of the word. crap, i have to write that up. uh I'll just do it here.

(i have a devil may cry winamp skin now)

So after weeks and weeks of setbacks, I finally set up the computers so that the kids could use kidsworks 2 to type and illustrate their story. although the one "test kid" that I brought over just made squiggly lines with the drawing program the whole time, and the other just put in Gibberish and laughed as the computer tried to say it, but i think that reflected on her learning disability wich gives her poor reading/writting skills.

My current question in this case is whether the kids will be able to do this and learn something. I think that I want to make sure they can use the keyboard and the shift key to make stuff. Hopefully I can get into puncuation such as Exclamation points and question marks. I'm not even thinking about caps lock at this point, but who knows, cause I'm sure there are kids there that already have a high competency with the computer. Thursday marks the day of actual road testing with the kids and the software (well, not really the software, but mostly the kids. I know how to use the software pretty well.) After the thursday trials, I'm gonna want to maybe put together a "how to use the computer" hint thing to have over there. if I have time I'm gonna make it with Ash and Pikachu, fighting agaisnt Brittney spears or something, and make it very visual, because the stuff that is over there is all texty, and it dosent really communicate anything unless you read it. I think that somehting with ash and Ms. Spears on it will immeadaly command ones attention, and you will want to read it to find out why it exists. yeah....
um, yeah... I think the concern is that this whole assignment is too advanced for the 2nd graders, and I think that if it could be given more time it would be easier and better to do, because the kids don't really have enough time, and such they only get little burst of doing nothing. blah...

I think that I'm gonna have them spend 13-15 minutes on typing, and then 5 minutes on making their picture. and Then I can type the rest.
I really want to get to talk to the libraryian about what is going on with the library computers, and the orchestration of them.
* Where did the computers come from? was it school money, or private donation.
* Where did the Software come from?
* buy the cd!
* Why havent I bought the season 3 Sifl and Olly DVD?
* What programs do they have at the school to help the kids use the computer resources.
* Who decides where the "technolog" budget goes?
*I'm so tired.
* Where there other options as to where the money could have gone?
* why macs?
* which kids do what on the computers? (like what grades, and genders and "achievement level"/disposition. that would be interesting.)
* how are the computers viewed by the students? are they mysteryious, or are they normal playthings. how proficent are the kids? do they try and hack it and stuff.
*what the hell am I talking about?

so, Today I learned how to brush my teeth because some girl from the county came in, and that was exciting. Apparently I'm not spending enough time on my gums, and you're supposed to brush for 3 minutes.

I should make a choji Moji winamp skin.

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