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02 May 2002 @ 07:11 pm
hello my hands are cold. it sucks. but i get to see the dress tech of Crystall valley tonight.
I'm honestly really excited that people are showing an interest in my play, even if they dont actually plan to come. I mean, so much of the time I recieve almost no encouragement from my parents or my friends who just tell me that whatever I've done is stupid is silly or dumb. except for proabbly kevin, but that's cause we have a similar appreciation for the more subtle things in life. Like when I first /9this probably makes no sense, becasue i'm writting this in the middle ofa lecture, and it's all funny and such. Hello. the speaker was in the bathroom, and they turned her remote mike on and it was funy. but yeah, I'm excited that people are gonna see my show, because it's really good, which I'm sure everyone who i forced to read it who subsequently told me it was stupid or would scare children has turned into this funny and polished thing. i'm listening to 5 conversations, and I cant thing about what's going. I should talk to kimberly more, cause she seemed to like me, but then I've been all inarticulate, and such, I think it's cause I really havent been getting enough sleep lately, and it's ereally effecting me. affecting.
I played banjo from like 3 hours after my japanese class. so I dont know if I'm going to Japan. because of my grades, and it's really stupid and if ou think about it from a real perspective, then it's a completly no-issue issue, but if you're lookig purely numericaly, it has some berring, except not really, cause my japanese 5 grade is better than my J4 grade, and my j6 grade is better than either of thoes, and that means that
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Jesus Northbahia on May 6th, 2002 11:59 pm (UTC)
i hope you get to go to japan.

i will definitely see your show, but i may not get to see it until next week when you're not here.
Ed Blountedblount on May 7th, 2002 12:34 am (UTC)
i commend you. you should know that i printed the original crystal valley you sent me at home and kept it. once i finally got to read it, i really liked it. now yay you get to see it in chautauqua. woohoo!