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I'm tired... And it brings about some questions...
is than a word? if it is then, how is it diffrent than then? that was my question. isn't it amazing that I was able to use both than and then in my attempts to communicate that I had these questions. hrm... Im in a writting mood. It's not really good for my Vietnam essay, cause it's comming out all stream of conciousnessly, but it's only a draft, and I guess I'll just pretend like I'm retarded and cant write and then the teacher can feel proud about "helping" write better. of course uh...

I compleatly forgot what I was saying mid sentance...
I'm not on IM. Maybe that's why I have this urg to type. Maybe It's the withdrawlals. well, it's good. it means I'm gonna be done sooner. and the sooner I'm done, the sooner I get to bed, and then the sooner I can go vote for whoever the communist party person is tomorrow. because I'm registered to vote! I am! hahahahahahah!
Actually I know I cant vote for bush because he will take away any posibility of abortions, and that's not good, because then I'll have to start practicing safe sex, I mean, you know all thoes girls I do and stuff. I'm thinking this entry needs a picture... but I'm too lazy. and no one commented on the pictures of my cats enough. so, I'll put a picture up later. and I'm not going to go on IM for more than an hour tomorrow. I am gonna get hellla work done. but people can clall me. I'll be here.................. uhuasfhuha! I feel all type a riffic. man, this is starting to sound alll retarded and rambly like a momoko entry. time to stop desu.

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