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07 November 2000 @ 02:28 am
I'm tired... And it brings about some questions...
is than a word? if it is then, how is it diffrent than then? that was my question. isn't it amazing that I was able to use both than and then in my attempts to communicate that I had these questions. hrm... Im in a writting mood. It's not really good for my Vietnam essay, cause it's comming out all stream of conciousnessly, but it's only a draft, and I guess I'll just pretend like I'm retarded and cant write and then the teacher can feel proud about "helping" write better. of course uh...

I compleatly forgot what I was saying mid sentance...
I'm not on IM. Maybe that's why I have this urg to type. Maybe It's the withdrawlals. well, it's good. it means I'm gonna be done sooner. and the sooner I'm done, the sooner I get to bed, and then the sooner I can go vote for whoever the communist party person is tomorrow. because I'm registered to vote! I am! hahahahahahah!
Actually I know I cant vote for bush because he will take away any posibility of abortions, and that's not good, because then I'll have to start practicing safe sex, I mean, you know all thoes girls I do and stuff. I'm thinking this entry needs a picture... but I'm too lazy. and no one commented on the pictures of my cats enough. so, I'll put a picture up later. and I'm not going to go on IM for more than an hour tomorrow. I am gonna get hellla work done. but people can clall me. I'll be here.................. uhuasfhuha! I feel all type a riffic. man, this is starting to sound alll retarded and rambly like a momoko entry. time to stop desu.
Current Mood: typey
Current Music: earplugs..... That reminds me, my last entry that was called "earplugs= something" I wanted to fix something, cuase it was greiviously wrong. but I dont know what. so when you read it again, you can remember that the thing that is wrong, is actually worg.
Siner Dsirnerd on November 7th, 2000 03:54 am (UTC)
Browsing through lyrics to stuff i found this! http://hermes.spaceports.com/~sbacon/knorelax.html
it's the lyrics to that child's toy song! Yeah all of the l'arc en ciel songs are the same musically and lyrically. But the guitar parts on some of them are very intricate and well written. and i found out that it is that little wiener girl! can we run over millhouse too? i never liked that wiener. AHAHHAAHAHAHA no classes til 3 pm tomorrow! i am god!
MegaManmegaman on November 7th, 2000 03:59 am (UTC)
you're just sitting at your computer at 3 in the morning checking livejournal every three minutes just like me, eh?
you should put some pictures in your next post. that would be better than bad.
I'm almost finished with my essay. maybe I will read it. than it will be special.
Siner Dsirnerd on November 7th, 2000 04:11 am (UTC)
Ebert says you need to learn the difference between then and than. Siskel would say it too. Anyways two thumbs down.
MegaManmegaman on November 7th, 2000 04:13 am (UTC)
actually I think I just neeed to put my commas in the correct place. re-reading the first 3 lines makes me wonder if I communiced my question well after all......
Siner Dsirnerd on November 7th, 2000 03:58 am (UTC)
Advice from an economist
During the discussion we had about the two major candidates for the presidential position, my impression was that Bush was promising tax cuts while Gore wanted to spend money on programs. Now as an economist, we decided that while Bush's proposition sounds very tempting, Gore's plan is more sufficient. Lowering taxes, raises Government spending which means less Private Investment which means a lower economy. Gore's idea is the correct one, to invest, because Investments go directly to GDP. But Gore is the devil, so vote for Bush.
Siner Dsirnerd on November 7th, 2000 04:00 am (UTC)
hat trick
I actually only read the first paragraph and the last sentence of your entry because it got all rambly and retarded, but then i decided to comment on it multiple times so i read it all. ugh, going to sleep so i can get like 3-2... 11 hours of sleep.
momokopeachchild on November 7th, 2000 01:47 pm (UTC)

fuck you i like my rambly messages,