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This is how I do work. It drives my partners crazy! uh, lauren should Im me or something.

* video
* yoshida as one character
* dullen as another
* conversation between yoshida and otehr people.
*jigglypuff representing exporting goods to america.
* jigglypuff is soft and non-warlike, showing off the philosphy of trade and exportation, and non militarization.
* charlie or alex is dullens.
*bandged rei is tired and wounded japanese national.
*emperor is "just a normal guy." and thus is played by like goku with no hair. yes!

he was nationalistic, so we wil represent him with like ryu or something. or maybe misty is him.

* team rocket is his two deciples.
* they could be talking in the diet or something.
* then they sign the san franscisco treatie. and there is much rejoycing.
*there needs to be a dance party. that would rock.

* they ask the class questions, and then answer them.
*they ask for questions. (you there, the pretty one with the sandles on. do you have any questions?) and then wait for a little bit then just answer something random.
*Simplify the policyies and then kinda act out yoshida declaring them/thinkng them up/ the acting out of the various plans.
plans include: econimic reform and such. iiii desu!
*no miilitarization. (charlie is macarthur. And alex is the other guy who wants to be armmng against the cold war.)
* communism is the zangief song, and he can come and be the communists that are taken out of the government in the purge, or the communists in the streets or in russia. or all of them.
* they need to do traditional japanese dances. because yoshida is nationalistic and traditional.

new idea thanks to nick:
* yoshida was popular, but he was also problematic.
* yoshida did thing for people that he didn't agree with, but were popular ideas.
hee used that agrument to refrain from re-militarizing japan
*supported new constitution because it was popul;ar
*yoshida saw the war as a mistake, because he grew up in the meji era, and remembers the glory of peacefull meji japan.
*he could play the game well, and had the ability to humble himself so that others would think they had him beat/figured out, and not pay as close attention to his kaniving dealings. He is also a really tough guy, and stood up for the things he wanted to.
Q: what event cause japanese people to buy color televisions? why this event, and not others? what does this say about the japanese priorities that would propell them to spending so much money on a luxuray, in a time when there was not too muhc money to be had? what other events were popular and worthy of spending money to by tvs?
Q: althought the glory of the zero fgighters and teh battleships ended with the war, it didn't really. how did the continued use of the zero's factories and eginer's skill affect the japanese mentality?
Q:if you were growing up in japan in the 60s and could anywhere door, where would you go?
Q: how does the idea of Doraemon reinforce both the american and japanese stereotype of the japanese kid

Q: as the japanese housewives began buying gadgets to facilate their chores, how did this affect there lives and percieved social status?
Q: Weere the refridgerators seen as a instigator of the destruction between neighbors?
Q: Yoshida and his crew promoted economic growth, and capitolism. i dont know.
Q: The wedding of prince Akihito and commoner Michiko Shoda not oly helped fuel the people's desire to buy televisions, but it says a great deal about both the Japan'es priorities, and the the new social construction of the imperial family. yes a commoner.
Q: why aren't the automobile part of the three treasures?
Q: why do pogs suck?
Q:when tv first started broadcasting, what was broadcasted? was it a japnse thing? what do you think was the reaction of the japan psychy wise. was it like "oh look, we've co-opted the american television, and now it's working for us? or is it sxomething far more sinister?

Q: the consumption of entertainment was super important in japan as they climbed out of the post war sadness. what kinds of entertainment were availible to what people? is this entertianment thing new compared, or is it not new? the traces of stuff can be traced back to before the war with the ukyo E... thinking...
q: how are the "traditional" japanese arts such as "the war like" sumo and the "etherial" engaki kabuki precieved by the people. what about the war time ethics of teh samurai? are they celebrated as remanents of prewar japanese pride, or are they seen as reminders of the uncouth and violent japanese history that raises people to be warlike and kill?!?1?!

Q; if Japan hadn't been able to utilize the luxurious items the constitutes luxury and connsumerism, would yoshida's plans to revitalize the economy have worked? or would they have all DIED???? as they got more stuff that made their jobs easier
Q: what do you think about yoshida? take as much time as you like...
Q: did yoshida smoke domestic cigars? Do domestic Japanese cigars exist?!?!
Q: mutant water ninjas
Q: was yoshida really lazy, and was fine that the us wanted to just defend japan, and deal their foreign policy for them, or was it his special secret team of water ninjas swimming in the pacific. then they turn into warships like that thing in tenchi?!?!
Q: who wants to watch a video?
Q: lets interview comrad zangief! zangeif: dah! capitalism bad! the Us is bad, because they are oppressing the workers. you japanese are turning the communists into pussies that cant do anything!!!
Q: why was it so important for japan to remain unarmed during the cold war period?!?! was it sexual!?!?!
Q: ovishou pamieda!

pirate spawn: the japanese vets
howarng: the koreans that had to endure the war
Zangief: the russians, all of them. the japanese communists.
charlie: american soldier/mcarthur
Kaneda: some japanese normal person
big transformer: I dont know, the american war machine
Jigglypuff: the japanese warmachine==> the new japanese constitution.
Team rocket: more people!

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