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something I am proud of:

G: We need a boat!
M: a boat?
V: a boat.
M: a good boat?
S: a fast boat.
M: a strong boat?
G: a long boat.
M: Do you want a boat that's old
V: We'd like a new one if you could.
M: want a boat with lots of features?
S: to use this boat we'd need a teacher.
M: How 'bout a boat that's lots of fun?
G: Make sure it hides us from the sun.
M: If your boat were big and round, could you get where you are bound?
V: As the moon and stars are found, a boat that's big would sure be sound.
M: How about a boat that's pink? It even has a kitchen sink!
S: A boat that's pink would make we think, that this new boat would start to sink.
M: Will you take a boat that's blue? I've got one here that's super new!
G: A boat that's blue, says me to you, shares the sky and ocean's hue.
M: why not take a boat that's red, or you could just walk instead.
V: The paint that's red is filled with lead, and all the fish would soon be dead!
G: [optional line] (out of rhyme) and that's no good.
M: to all my boats you have said no, but there's still one I've yet to show. This boat you see, is color slate, I offer it at low low rates!
S: a boat of slate would be just great!
G: in this boat we'd not be late!
V: I want to be the ship's first mate!
M: So you will take this boat of slate? (To himself) my nineteenth sale to this date.
This boat of slate, her name is Kate. I promise you she'll ne'er be late! (Holds up finger) The wind is at a speedy gait, I say to you the new first mate, the boat I sold upon this date, is gonna get you there just great!
Go, Galvin and Serenity: yeah!

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