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Patrick and Kevin are comming to visit for a day or two. except they left before I could tell them That I'm in room 339A in porter. they just have the adress of the school, and maybe my telephone number if they brought it. but i doupt that they did. just in case they read this, my number is 831 502-3092. and if they get here too late then the electronic gates will be closed. and they cant get in or anything. ahhh. it's not good. I wish I had given them more explicit directions. oh well. maybe I'll just wait outside for them. or they will find something to figure out how to do this. agh. I have no idea how they are going to find my room. oh well. at least I have my to do list to comfort me.

  • More video game thoughts.

    man, Fallout 3 was really fun. I kinda miss it, but it was so time consumeing! blarg. Have too many games to play.

  • SF4 costumes

    Why are the home made mods so much better than the Fucking official ones?

  • crazy

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