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04 August 2000 @ 12:57 pm
no work  
ok... so i called in sick after i realised that there was no car, and i would have had to riude a broken bijke again... i typed that with oine hand cauyse i'm eating a pop tart
(Anonymous) on August 4th, 2000 01:25 pm (UTC)
called in sick?
How come there's no "confused" face icon on this thing?

So did you go to work, or didn't you?
MegaManmegaman on August 4th, 2000 05:01 pm (UTC)
Re: called in sick?
I didn't go to work.
I stayed home and tlaked to helen on the phone for an hour and a half, then slept to 4. then I talked to my dad for an hour, which is like the most I've taked to him this year. it was kinda nice. the only thing we have in common to talk about is computer stuff.