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This is how I am a citizen

What the hell is a citizen? A citizen of what? buh! I don't know. Maybe I'm... a citizen of the Internet!
You know what the worst part of star wars is? The worst part is that it's not real. No matter how great the movies are, they are a finite thing. After episode 3 comes out, then bang! That's truly the end. Anakin completes his journey to the dark side, and Luke and leia are born, and then the rest is history. But... no matter how immersed you might get in all things star wars, there's no way to actually live there. There's no way to actually live in this world of robots and Jedi and tatooine and the flying cars, and all the really cool stuff. You get sucked in, and completely absorbed for 2 and half-hours, and then you're spit back out into the real world. Where we really live.
That's the worse part about star wars... that it's not real. I can't wait till the world we live in gets as cool as the worlds of Star wars.

You think about the medium of star wars and it's a movie. We haven't had movies for more than a lifetime, and so we wont know what will happen when the origin of movies is no longer in sight. Will it be as lasting as say, Shakespeare? I don't know. The thing that makes theatre, and Shakespeare, so lasting is that it's interactive, you get to become it. I got to be Romeo, and thusly I have internalized that role, and feel a connection to even references of those lines. However with star wars, there is no way to really reach that level of interactivity where you can claim the world and experience as your own experience. It will forever remain an outside entity, that you can reach for and experience in your mind, but never actually manifest in the physical world. Except for the video games of course, but then... it's not the same until you write a star wars play, or a fan-fic, or a comic or something.

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