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07 June 2002 @ 11:51 am
List of people who have ever performed/recorded in Choji moji
Patrick (cans song)
Andy Niven
Adam Sneyder
Harry Cantwell
Parker Butynski
Paul Sheapard
Erika nelson-jonson
Ben Sanders
Nick Dulin
Beccky (night's girlfriend)
Scott benson

Everyone come to see CHOJI MOJI headline for a show at the 14th at the elks lodge in Palo Alto. at 7. there will be no refreshments, but there will probably be shirts and cds, and maybe even stickrers. yay! or posters. blah blah!
Current Mood: smelly
Current Music: Postman song-choji moji
Phat Bobphatbob on June 7th, 2002 01:43 pm (UTC)

You forgot Brittany!!!1
Floob Boober Bab Boober Bubpinkbrita on June 8th, 2002 12:19 pm (UTC)
what about me?