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Why I like working at Palo Alto Children's Theatre

The Youngest Crab
So, Once upon a time in an aquarium, like the Monterey bay Aquarium, there lived a family of crabs and then there were penguins. And the penguins were the link between the ocean and the land, so everyone in the ocean world looked up to the penguin. The otters and the penguins were rivals. See, cause the penguins eat fish, so they eat different things, but since they don稚 like each other, they want the creatures that the other one eats to be on land, so they won稚 have any food. So there痴 a crab, and one day the crab is in crab school and he is doing 都how and tell� and the thing that he brought is a magic rock, except that there痴 suddenly a big tidal wave, and the rock is flung far across the ocean, relative to crabs, and so the crab goes searching for it, and he meets a penguin and the penguin says that there are many many more rocks on the land. So the crab wants to go to the land, and he asks the penguin to take him. But the penguin has to go home to dinner, or else his wife will be angry and hit him, and the penguin is Waldo. So the crab tries to go to the land, but it痴 too far away, because he痴 just a crab, even though he痴 in an aquarium, not the ocean. So, outside of the aquarium walls, he sees an otter and the otter says that if he comes out, then he can take him to get many rocks. But the otter is actually tricking him, because the otter wants to eat him, but the otter has a sister, and the sister is a vegetarian, and the vegetarian otter hatches a plan to make the crab not come out by telling the crab that in order to leave, he has to go collect the signatures of many other aquarium residents on a petition and give it to the mayor of the aquarium town, who is an octopus. And so he has to go to each group of animal and do something to win their approval. But on the way, and the vegetarian otter tries to stop him. So the vegetarian otter is Waldo痴 sister, so you have to find her in each scene.

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus is broken, because evil Miss Drizzle tried to steal it and she broke it. So, they池e going to go on a fieldtrip to Oz, because they池e reading the book, and they like it. But Miss Drizzle is the aide and she doesn稚 like Oz, or anything, so she hatches a plan to make them go somewhere else and get captured, so she can keep the magic school bus for herself and use it for evil and to control the world. So instead of going to Oz, they end up in the Wild, Wild West. At first, they池e assaulted by some cowboys, because the cowboys think that they are the dangerous outlaws, under the control of the vicious Billy the Kid and Jesse James. But they池e not. And so the children use the important clues they learned in Miss Frizzle痴 class about cowboys to deduce that one of the cowboys is really an outlaw, and the cowboys put him in jail. And so the cowboys thank them and Miss Frizzle is like 登h, we壇 better go.� And then they go back to the school bus, and try to go home, only Miss Drizzle uses her secret remote control, so instead, they go to Medieval England, but Miss Drizzle is with them, and they don稚 know she broke it, but the audience does, and she痴 always like 塗e he he, I stole the magic part of the Magic School Bus,� only no one but the audience hears her. So, they go to Medieval England, and the school bus gets stuck in a muddy field, so they have to leave it. And they go up to the castle, and the guard at the door says 努ho are you? Why are you dressed like that? You must be evil wizards.� And they use a magnet to trap them with all the armour. Isn稚 that clever? And then Miss Drizzle is angry, because she wanted the knights to kill them. She made a remote control for the bus, so that she痴 actually controlling where they went. Then they get back in the bus and the knights help them pull it out of the mud, and they go to Australia. In the outback. And they find the crocodile hunter, and he teaches them about crocodiles, and one of the crocodiles tries to bite Miss Drizzle, and the kids save her, and as they do, the remote control falls out of her pocket and then she confesses to the whole thing, and then they say 登k,� and they go to Oz and they have a party there. And Miss Drizzle and the Wicked Witch of the West meet and run off to plan more evil.

The concerty is hella gonna kick ass!!!!

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