MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

Japan= Yay; Stupid EAP people =Boo-urns.

I just recieved an e-mail informing me that I got a scholarship from the Japanese government. This is the scholarship that the people had told my parents (when they called to house asking about flight information) that I had not recieved.

I am really really tired of all the crap this program is giving me. I could understand that there's alot of paperwork, and the difficulties of having to coordinate with the Japanese school, but this is the third time that they've given flat-out wrong information.

I was thinking about that assignment i turned in that I did in livejournal, and I wondered how much my LJ says about me. I mean, does it say anything real? It could all be a made-up fabrication, like the aaroncarter Journal and no one reading this would know. hohohohoh. you don't even know what I look like! I wonder if there are any anonamouse readers of my journal. I laugh at them thinking about all the magial posts and things that I've made. wow I'm tired.

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