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Bloop bleep. I'm tired. wiw

I beat metal Gear Solid this morning, after playing from 1:30 AM to 6:30 AM. I see what everyone was talking baout regarding the ending. I wont put spoilers in here, but yeah, It was great, and I really enjoyed it. That game is one of the most beautiful things ever. and then I went to sleep, and dreamt about weird little mike dang Azn gangsters tryiing to harass me at the airport, except he kept trying to hold me hand, and I was like "what the hell! I don't understand why you're doing that." but then I made him bump into a pile of jocks that were milling around the airport, and then he left. um... yeah. All the cds got sold, and stuff. The stickerrs look really good.

  • More video game thoughts.

    man, Fallout 3 was really fun. I kinda miss it, but it was so time consumeing! blarg. Have too many games to play.

  • SF4 costumes

    Why are the home made mods so much better than the Fucking official ones?

  • crazy

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