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Huzzah! i'm in japan again1

Hello. I am doing well. I could use more money, but it's not imperative at this point. Once the school year starts, I can get a part time job, and make like $20-30 an hour. I bought a bike. it was about $80 I am going to spray paint it so it looks cool. yeah. I havent taken any pictures yet, but I plan to. because taking pictures is fun. also, I havent bought a cell phone yet, but I will. It:s really hot here, but it:s kinda breezy so that's good. yeah. My class started today, but we didn:t really do anything. I'm trying to move to level 4 because I think 3 wont be very challenging. but that's ok. if I dont move, it's fine, cause then it7s less stress, and more time to hang out and speak japanese. I've already made some friends here, and so that's good. the campus is so small, and I really really like having a bike. it makes me happy to be able to ride around and not have to be in a car or a bus, or paying money. yay! I will write more later.
p.s. what is ako's e-mail?

my adress is:

Chris Webster C/o Summer course Office
International christian university
3-10-2 Osawa
Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-8585 JAPAN

I don:t really know what most of thoes numbers mean.


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