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24 July 2002 @ 02:53 pm
hello. the internet connection in the dorms is down, so that is sad... I am in the library.
I was reviewing my finances, and I don't think that you are going to have to give me too much money. From what I can tell, most of the bills for the housing and the tuition are sent to the EAP in California. (I think something was due on the 15th of july. did you see that? If you have any questions you can call the EAP in santa Barbra, because the UC office here is closed now, and I don't have any concrete documentation.)
Also, I have been trying to spend little money on food, but as a result my health is suffering. unless I want to starve subsisting only on ramen and cheap, unfilling food from the dining hall, I need to spend about $10 a day on food. That's not to say that I'm not buying food and trying to cook for myself, but there's only so much nutrition you can get out of a carton of eggs, and 4 boxes of charlie brown cereal, which I've already gotten sick of. So far I've been unable to find any vitamins, but I think that's due mostly to the deceptive squiggly lines these people call writting. As for other expenses, it takes $2 to ride the bus to the station each way (so $4 total,) and it takes about $3 to take the train to the nearest staion of interest each way. to get into downtown tokyo, it costs about $4 each way, which is less than a bottle of beer bought with a bowl of ramen (ramen $5-6 beer $5). Usually I ride my bike to the staion so that saves $4 on bus fare, but it still costs $1 to park in the bike parking lot. It takes about $10 to dry laundrey, because it's $1 for 30 minutes in the dryer, but it takes about $4 to actaually dry a load. yeah... I need to buy chopsticks for myself, and maybe some different cereal. oh yeah, apples cost about $2 compared to peaches which cost about $4.50. I bought a bananna today for 80cents. I havent been buying to many drinks anymore, except for the $1 boxed coffee out side my classroom, and the tea is free in the dining hall, so that helps. hrm... of course, it still costs lots of money to do anything here, and KFC is about $11 for 6 small pieces. plus arcade games cost $1 per play, not that I'm doing too much of that. Today I will buy some cool pants, but that will cost about $8 just for the trip. so blah! I also need to buy facewash, and some insence or something. yar maytie!
Daniel Saviosacredlunatic on July 23rd, 2002 11:25 pm (UTC)
what an expensive country...
Jesus Northbahia on July 24th, 2002 12:45 am (UTC)
today i bought lots of punk rawk new clothes. i felt like i desearved them because before i leave i get a check for like 900 dollars and i got a raise or something.
rosskerr on July 24th, 2002 07:02 am (UTC)
Once the internet gets back up in your dorm, you might want to look into an http tunneling software that will allow you to access the outside world (ftp, file share whatever) through port 80 (the http port). I've never tried it myself, but I did look into it for awhile because the school network wouldn't let me telnet out of any port beside 80 so I couldn't do my MUDs. Anyways, it's worth a shot, right?
nerdtronmojograham on July 24th, 2002 10:39 pm (UTC)
i have come to the conclusion that i too need crazy iori-type pants. and upload my pictures to the internet so i can show the world my fighting prowess.
(Anonymous) on July 30th, 2002 09:01 am (UTC)
Surviving on ramen is a rite of passage for gaijin in Japan!
Post some pix of Kichijoji!!!
Jesus Northbahia on July 30th, 2002 01:34 pm (UTC)
things are really expensive here in scotland too. things will be like 5 pounds and you think, oh five dollars... but that's really like 8 dollars. but it's weird because it seems like it's dollars when really it's not.