MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

hello I'm bXCK IN THE the dorm. some of my stuff that I left In yoshi's room has mysteriously vanished. I'm gonna have to find out where it went.
it was mostly papers, and jewlery, and pens, and gameboy boxes, and clothes, and my custom shoes, and all my cds and software, and my passport and a bill for the national health insurance and my passport, and my nice headphones, and my one piece box. and my monkey D luffy action figure... but hopefully it'll return to me once I put some effort into the search.

oh and I'm sad because i didn't leave a cd in the computer so I don't have the sims to play. kanashi.... but I do have my new nine days wonder cd. that's pimping. I need to get a pillow and otehr things. I will do so tomorrow. yoshi! at least I still have all my important stuff. so yay.
oh, but I don't have my palm sync thing, so I can't sync right now. blah!
but i Will play guitar! I will get good yay!

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