MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

Girls who wear see through shirts, and no bra.

hooray for british girls!
TOnight was fgun, even if COlin magically managed to follow us out on the journey. oh well, at least it made eveyone look better by comparison.

I'm meeting alot of europeans. I've met several british people, a guy from norway, and a guy from finland, and a guy from Korea, in addition to the japanese peopel I'm meeting. yes, korea isn't in europe, but that's ok. yeah, it was fun and such. blarg. I really like boobies. I think that the british girls's friend that is a boy is gay. he kept making unsusal eye contact with me. of course, I've thought that everyone I've met here was gay, so I guess that's not saying much. hrm..... yeah. I'm gaining an appreciation for europe now. And I got the british guy talking about the euro, and the british girl arguing about why england is better than it's not in the EU,and it was very very amuzing/enlighting. I knoestly didn't expect to come to japan to learn about Holland. although amsterdam dosent sound so bad... blha blha bla. Colin wants to buy a CHoji MOji Cd. which is good. I have yet to really show people its true wonder,

wow I cant believe that this is my computer. I should really be putting some sort of porn on it.... yes. chobi!!

The british girl caught me starring at her boobes throught the rediculous see through shirt thing when we first met up. it was special. yesu. uh... stuff... boobies... porn. blaha.... I can't spend this much money all this time./11111111

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