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Like a Virgin.

yay! I went shopping in kichijoji today. I bought stuff. First I got a hellllla nice ONE PIECE sticker thing for 100yen. it was a super super super good deal, with like 50 stickers of random size and stuff, but all really cool. now I can put more ONe Piece stuff on my PS2, and my gameboy! yay! then I bought some gotcha. i was sad cause the fighter game people gatcha was dissapeared. then i bought some jewlery for my piercing. it was 14 guage, and I'm like, hrm, it's the only one that's the right lenght, so it'll have to do. then I bought a shirt, and some baco bits, and uh,, I think that's it. and some ice cream. I went to the skin head place (that's what it's called.) and wanted to get my pirate industrial piercing, but it turns out they dont actually pierce there, they just sell stuff. the pirate belt from the summer was gone, so I didn't have to worry about buying it.

Oh! I played the ONE PIECE game for gamecube (the demo at least) and it seemed fun. it's like mario party and super smash brothers in one, but with one piece, except not quite that level of quality, but still really good. so that was fun. I tried to buy head[hones, but they were too expensive. yeah, so I don't have my cool piercing, but I will get it. I'll have to go to shibuya, but I don't know where a good place is. but I will bring a picture of what I want, and put it in my phone. yeah... uh. yeah

so I got home, and I was like, hrm, this seems to be a bit smaller than 14 guage," seeing as it was just the width of a safety pin (a small one) so it was kinda painfull streaching it through. more painful then the actual piercing. hrm... chobi. so now it's kinda sore, but it's ok. yes. ah yes, I got my japanese test back, and it was really bad. also, they are still looking for my stuff. it's like every day, I hear of a new person to tell and stuff. I really want them to find it, because I don't want to have to replace my passport, since I need a copy of my birth certificate, and that's something you have to order from some office in sacramento, which is only open for like 3 hours a day.

the shirt I got was 5600 marked down to 640. that's pretty sweet. Hopefully it will fit. the last one was too big, but still quite styling. hrm. I should try it on. or maybe just sleep. yeah, that's an idea. then I can wake up and do homework. yeah. but first, I will put stickers on PS2 I think..... wuuuuupyu mowhtjd. dfskjsdfkjldsgf jlfdjk yAR!

uh. yes. I'm going to buy a microphone and headphones this weekend, and test it out. yar. this sunday is the welcome party for me. that's gonna be fun. uh... yeah, and I want to buy a cd holder. tomorrow is buysish. Japan is nice and uncomplicated, except for the whole lost stuff crap, which I am still dealing with. I really need to clean my room it's a super sty.

Eagle Attack! I really really wish I could play more games. shit nigga....

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