MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

in Japan, Where's Waldo is called "where's Wally" (but in japanese) I guess Waldo is hard to say/spell and dosent really register as a name. ウァールド ウァーリー hrm。。。 that dosent really seem to be that hard. how strange?

12 minutes later:
I think it's funny that there are more disney games in Japan than In us. additionaly, almost all of thoes games are made in Japan. Why aren't games made in the us? do you remember how all the disney afternoon games were made by capcom? that was cool.

10 minutes later:
I think I'm getting sick. blah Stupid kids who get me sick! stupid sink with no soap! curse you! curse you to heck!!!!

20 minutes later:

Japanese people sure like their stupid forms and beauracay and crap. I'm like "this dosent even matter! it's not relevant!" and yet I must fill it in. blah blha blha.

3 minuts:
why is the kanji for "truth" the same as the kanji for "fruit" it's strange.

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