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  • Music:
songs with really bad lyrics start to sound like they have good lyrics after listening to them often. for example the metal test song about the Whale, and crap that makes no sense starts to sound like it has potential as I listen to it over and over again.
I with the Mic I got worked with my stupid mic in on the sound card. I should ask nate what kind of Signal booster/effects box or soemthing I should buy to make it work. cause then I can actaully record things.

I make up really good songs in the shower, so it suchs that I cant write stuff.
I think that yeah, singing in the shower is easy, cause you don't have any keys or anything to restrict you. I wish I could instrumentate the stuff that I make up when I sing. then I'd be the golden asset of the north!

  • More video game thoughts.

    man, Fallout 3 was really fun. I kinda miss it, but it was so time consumeing! blarg. Have too many games to play.

  • SF4 costumes

    Why are the home made mods so much better than the Fucking official ones?

  • crazy

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